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How to Mend a Broken Heart

How to stop divorce is a question that will be relevant both during normal times and during the time when your marriage is in trouble. If you understand the institution of marriage and follow the rules of a sound marriage, the prospect of divorce will never arise. But sometimes, you find that certain developments have taken place which appear to be leading towards a marriage break up, with divorce appearing inevitable. In such a situation, you are naturally concerned with the question how to stop divorce. First thing you should remember is that however grave the situation may appear to be, you can still do a few things to save your marriage. But convince yourself that you don’t want the divorce however bitter things might have developed between you and your spouse.

Here are a few suggestions to stop Divorce

1) Make yourself a more agreeable person: I am not suggesting for a moment that that you have not been conducting yourself in an agreeable way. You may have been conducting yourself in an exemplary way. But a little self examination is not going to hurt. On the other hand, it may do you a lot of good. Your thought process should run like this: ‘There are certain things about me which my spouse doesn’t seem to like. (Otherwise, why should the question of divorce arise at all?) Can I think of the things which he doesn’t like about me and do something about them?’ When you adopt this approach, you will find to your surprise that you are able to zero in on a couple of things about you that you can change for the better. And once you do this, you will find a dramatic improvement in your spouse’s attitude towards you. Please note that I am not asking you to give up your individuality and surrender to the whims of your spouse. All that is required are a few changes which you will not mind implementing. The chances are you will like the changes yourself!

2) Don’t react sharply to your spouse’s proposal for divorce: You can’t stop divorce by angrily dismissing the idea. Your spouse may be expecting you to react violently to the idea so that it will lead to an altercation and culminate in a situation warranting divorce. React cautiously. Say you will think about it. Once you are able to prevent an immediate flare up, you can eventually drop hints that you can still make up, stop divorce and save your marriage.

3) Do not make the mistake of taking your partner for granted: One thing that is universally disliked is being taken for granted. If you are concerned with how to stop divorce, then you should be careful in dealing with your spouse. Don’t dismiss their views or suggestions lightly. If you disagree with your spouse, do it agreeably. Acknowledge the merit of their views and then say that you have a different view. If you want to bring your spouse around to accepting your stand, do it gently. If there is resistance, leave it for the moment. A calm and judicious handling of the differences will ensure that you both will learn to respect each other’s views.

How to stop divorce will no longer be a haunting question.

In as much as we all want to have a relationship that will end in living happily ever after, there are times that we face the end of a relationship that will leave us with a broken heart.  This loss may be brought about by breakup, divorce, end of a friendship or even loss of a loved one because of death.

There are a many ways to help you cope with a broken heart.  One of the most comforting things that you should know is that everybody experiences a broken heart at some point in their lives.  This means that you are not alone.  Being alone with a broken heart is adding insult to injury during a period of intense feeling of despair.

So, how do you mend a broken heart?

Here are some tips that may help:

1.         Let it out.  When you experience a broken heart and have an extreme feeling of loneliness, it does not help to simply keep it within you.  Aside from the medical implications that may harm your health, a broken heart when concealed, can be compared to a volcano waiting to explode.  When this happens, you might not only harm yourself, but also other people.  To prevent this from happening, there are different outlets by which you can let out your feelings.  Some people who are broken-hearted find it comforting to talk to a friend,while others find comfort in crying their eyes out.  Whatever outlet you find that will help you express your feelings, make sure that it will help you deal with your broken heart and not make things worse.

2.         Accept that the relationship is over. It may sound simple, but the truth is, acceptance of the fact that you are no longer in the relationship is one of the most difficult things that you have to go through.  It is normal to be in denial at first, but denying the truth is delaying your healing process.  The sooner you accept it, the better chance of recovering from your broken heart soon.

3.         Let go.  Your broken heart can only mend when you learn the art of letting go.  Remember, you will only be able to welcome a new relationship when you open your hands and let go of what has ended.

4.         Love yourself.  There is no use blaming yourself for what happened.  A relationship is between two people, not just one.  So if your relationship ended, stop blaming yourself.

Aside from that, most people facing a broken heart fail to acknowledge the goodness in themselves.  Don’t let that happen to you.  Just because you failed in a relationship does not mean that you are good for nothing.  Know your capabilities and love yourself.  Loving yourself also means taking good care of yourself.

5.         Allow yourself to heal. Healing from a broken heart does not happen in the snap of a finger.  It may take time for you to be able to talk about your past relationship without feeling the pain, but you will get there. Look forward to it.

6.         Pick yourself up and move on. When the time comes to shake your pain away, stand up and pick yourself up. Now is the time to start anew. You may even find it’s time to reinvent yourself. Take time to pamper yourself and move on. Expose yourself to other people and continue to do what makes you happy.

To mend broken heart may be a difficult task, but it is not impossible.  Many people have done that and are now happy and successful.  Whatever relationship that ended is part of your past now and it won’t be healthy to bring it back to stop you from moving forward.  What’s important to bring with you are the lessons you’ve learned from the relationship and how to better improve yourself.

Mending a broken hart may take some time but life is to short to spend time sulking.

Life is too short and too precious to spend on sulking, complaining, and whining.  Everyday brings another opportunity to live and to enjoy life.  Go on!  Live life.  Your heart may have been scarred, but always remember, that living through a broken heart makes you a stronger person.

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