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Give Your Cells.

If you're an NPC carrier or NPC patient, your cells matter. Learn how contributing a sample of your skin cells to the Coriell Institute - at no financial cost - can help researchers find a cure for NPC and other diseases.

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Find a Cure for NPC

The NPC gene can be broken in different ways, so potential cures must be tested on a wide range of cell samples from many different NPC-affected people. By giving your cells, you'll expand the pool of samples and increase the potential for a cure that helps all NPC patients.

Fight Ebola

The Ebola virus uses the NPC gene to replicate. This means that Ebola can't replicate in people with NPC, and it replicates much less effectively than normal in NPC carriers. Cell samples from NPC-affected persons and NPC carriers alike help researchers get closer to beating Ebola and other diseases that rely on the NPC gene to replicate.

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How to Give Cells

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Contact Coriell

Email Tara Schmidlen (tschmidlen@coriell.org) about your interest in the sample kit to get the process started.

Find a Doctor and Download Forms

It can be difficult to find a doctor willing to take a skin cell sample from a healthy person, so look persistently for a doctor ready to help you contribute to NPC research. Once you find a doctor, you'll need to download these forms and fill them out with him or her.

Choose the Right Day

Schedule an appointment with your doctor early in the week, preferably Monday - if your sample has to wait over the weekend to ship, it's more likely to deteriorate and become unusable. For this reason, avoid scheduling an appointment on a Thursday or Friday, or near US and local holidays.

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Request the Kit

Contact the Coriell Institute again a week prior to your doctor's appointment, and they'll make sure the sample kit arrives to you the day before your doctor's appointment.

Refrigerate the Kit

It is essential that you refrigerate the kit when you receive it. Do not put the kit in the freezer.

Have the Tools

The kit from Coriell does not contain the extraction tools (e.g. 3 mm punch biopsy, surgical forceps) necessary for collecting the skin cell sample; make sure your doctor has what he or she needs to perform the procedure.