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The Jiao Yunlong Family

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Jiao Yunlong

Jiao Yunlong came to the US from China to get cyclodextrin treatment for his son.

Zhang Hui

Mom Zhang Hui is dedicated to fighting NPC alongside her husband to save Jiao Tong's life.

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Jiao Tong

Jiao Tong is the older of two sons, and he has Niemann-Pick Type C. In 2016, he was enrolled in the Vtesse Phase II/III trial in the US to fight NPC using cyclodextrin.

Jiao Yan

Younger brother Jiao Yan does not have NPC, but supports his big brother in his fight.

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Family Life

"We want him to feel that the love from his father stands as a mountain, and the love from his mother flows as a stream."

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Niemann-Pick Type C

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Jiao Tong was once physically active, bringing a basketball to school daily. However, he began to lose his interest in sports and to have difficulty balancing, walking and swallowing.

NPC Diagnosis

When Jiao Tong was 12 years old he was hospitalized for a fever, but the doctors couldn't find what was wrong. After many tests, including genetic testing, he was diagnosed with Niemann Pick type C.

Previous Treatment

In September 2014, Jiao Tong's parents brought him to Taiwan to buy miglustat. However, they could only get a small supply of the drug and they saw no benefit from it.

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Learning About Cyclodextrin

After much searching for a treatment for Jiao Tong's NPC disease, his parents learned of VTS-270 (cyclodextrin) and the Vtesse trial in the US.

Vtesse Phase II/III Trial

Jiao Yunlong and Zhang Hui are optimistic that VTS-270 (cyclodextrin) will improve their son's quality of life.

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Coming to the US

"[Our friend] helped us find a place to live where there are many Chinese people; this will help with the language trouble, food and other struggles."