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Dr. Natasha Shur

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Clinical Geneticist

Dr. Shur is the division head of Albany Medical Center genetics in the Department of Pediatrics.


Dr. Natasha Shur completed her fellowship in 2007 at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Elmhurst, NY.

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Niemann-Pick Type C

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JP's symptoms manifested early on, years before his diagnosis.

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Early Intervention

In animal studies, test subjects demonstrated less neurotoxicity from NPC when they received cyclodextrin early.

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JP has more energy since beginning treatment. Though cyclodextrin isn't a miracle drug, it is an important step toward finding one.

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Intrathecal (IT) Cyclodextrin

During JP's intrathecal treatments, 6cc of spinal fluid is removed, and then the same volume of cyclodextrin is injected. At the end of the day, JP still has the energy to play lacrosse.

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On Cyclodextrin


When JP failed to qualify for an NIH cyclodextrin trial, Dr. Shur formed a team at Albany Medical to develop a treatment for him.


Whether or not you choose cyclodextrin for your child can be a difficult, complex decision.

The Unknown

Cyclodextrin, though not FDA-approved for NPC treatment, is a sugar molecule found in many everyday household products.