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Dr. Kartik Chandran

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Ebola Virus Expert

Dr. Kartik Chandran and his team are at the forefront of Ebola virus research, and discovered the link between the NPC1 gene and Ebola's ability to infect the body.


Dr. Chandran is Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City. He has done extensive research into the mechanism by which filoviruses, such as Ebola, enter host cells.

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Discovering the NPC-Ebola Link

"We essentially took cells and knocked the genes out of them randomly...when you knocked NPC1 out of the cell, Ebola was absolutely unable to infect that cell."

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Researching the NPC-Ebola Link


When Dr. Chandran and his team gave Ebola to a mouse without the NPC1 gene, they found that the virus was unable to even begin infecting its host.

NPC Patient Cells

Cells donated by NPC-affected patients through Coriell allow Dr. Chandran's team to continue researching treatments for Ebola and other similar viruses. In turn, Dr. Chandran's detailed research into the NPC1 gene may help develop treatments for NPC.

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Dr. Chandran hopes to develop treatments for a range of viral infections by studying the NPC1 gene.

Precise Understanding

Dr. Chandran's team focuses on mapping the process by which Ebola affects the NPC1 gene down to the atomic level.

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"...by working on really basic aspects of how the virus uses our own cells in our body and exploits them...we could find Achilles' heels for this virus so that we could actually develop a treatment."

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Give Your Cells.

If you're an NPC carrier or NPC patient, your cells matter. Learn how contributing a sample of your skin cells to the Coriell Institute - at no financial cost - can help researchers find a cure for NPC and other diseases.