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Dr. Elizabeth Kravis

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Pediatric Neurologist

Dr. Kravis is a professor of pediatrics, neurological sciences, and biochemistry at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL.


Dr. Kravis is an expert in Fragile X syndrome, the second-leading inherited known cause of intellectual disability after Down Syndrome. She grew up wanting to study the brain, and is living out her dream as a child neurologist.

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Hayley's ability to walk, turn, and balance has improved as she's been taking cyclodextrin.

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Intrathecal (IT) Cyclodextrin

"Outside of the annoyance of having to...spend a day in clinic every two weeks, what we do is really a pretty overall benign process."

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On Cyclodextrin


Hayley didn't qualify for the NIH cyclodextrin trial, so her parents approached Dr. Kravis about doing an IND [Investigational New Drug application].


Dr. Kravis firmly believes that people with NPC ought to have access to cyclodextrin.