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Dr. Caroline Hastings

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Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist

Dr. Hastings has over 15 years' experience treating cancer in children, and works in the Neuro-Oncology Program at Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland.


Dr. Caroline Hastings specializes in fighting acute and relapsed leukemias. She also researches alternative treatments for childhood cancers, and has written protocols for a study that suggests different therapies for different subtypes of cancer.

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Results of Cyclodextrin

Hadley Family

After treatment, Peyton told his family and doctor that he could think more clearly and focus better.

Hempel Family

With cyclodextrin, the girls have a higher quality of life, and are alive.

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Administering Cyclodextrin

Intravenous (IV)

This was the first treatment method for Addi and Cassi - a continuous infusion of cyclodextrin over 4 days.

Intrathecal (IT)

In October 2012, Addi and Cassi began to receive cyclodextrin directly into the spinal fluid.

Intracerebral (ICV)

Addi gets cyclodextrin by a third method: intracerebral (ICV) treatment via a port in her scalp.

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On Cylcodextrin


Knowing that early-onset NPC meant that Addi and Cassi were only expected to live to the age of 10, Hugh and Chris made it their mission to find a way to help their daughters.


For families battling NPC, choosing cyclodextrin comes with risks. The benefits, however, are potentially huge.