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Dr. Anne Nepo

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Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist

Dr. Nepo is associate professor of clinical pediatrics at Albany Medical College, and works at the Melodies Center for treatment of children's cancer and blood diseases at Albany Medical Center.


Dr. Anne Nepo specializes in diagnosing and treating babies, young children, and teenagers with a wide range of blood disorders including leukemia, lymphoma, and hemophilia.

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Niemann-Pick Type C

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JP had abnormal eye movement and trouble with cataplexy - a condition that causes the patient to suddenly lose muscle tone.

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JP's cataplexy has improved, and his symptoms show no signs of progression.

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Intrathecal (IT) Cyclodextrin

Receiving intrathecal cyclodextrin can be anxiety-inducing for your child. Calm, supportive parents and nurses are the most important factor in easing the process.

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On Cyclodextrin


Dr. Nepo's background in oncology and hematology made her an ideal candidate for performing JP's intrathecal injections.


Cyclodextrin should be administered under the careful eye of a neurologist, and you should be certain your child has Niemann-Pick Type C and not a disorder with similar symptoms.

The Unknown

Many drugs Dr. Nepo uses in her job as a pediatric oncologist are not formally approved for children, so the use of a promising drug like cyclodextrin is not unusual.