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Fight NPC

Funded by the Brian and Caris Chan Family Foundation and the Liferay Foundation, Fight NPC is an initiative dedicated to empowering families in their struggle against Niemann-Pick Type C. We know it's easy to despair in the face of such an aggressive, deadly disease, but recent medical breakthroughs have given NPC-affected families across the world hope for a better life for their children. Living with NPC is difficult, but we now believe that living with NPC is possible. Don't give up - join us as we fight NPC.

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Brian Chan

Brian Chan is the founder and Chief Software Architect of Liferay, Inc., a professional open source company that provides non-profit organizations and businesses with open source solutions. In October 2013, Brian's daughter Galya was diagnosed with Niemann-Pick Type C, and Brian set out to find her a treatment. In June 2014, Galya became the youngest person to receive cyclodextrin treatment for NPC. Brian initiated Fight NPC in October 2014 to raise NPC awareness and to help NPC-affected families throughout the world get treatment for their children.

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Kelsey Taylor

Kelsey earned her degree in Communication and Film Production at Vanguard University of Southern California. She currently works in the Greater Los Angeles area on a range of projects including feature films, television shows, web series, documentaries, promotional videos, and video games. Kelsey flew across the United States to film Fight NPC's American documentaries, and she edited all of the mini-documentaries you'll see on Fight NPC.

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Andrew Wilkinson

Andrew attended the University of California, Irvine where he earned degrees in mechanical engineering and economics. After graduating UCI, he worked for five years doing civil engineering consulting in Orange County on water and sewer infrastructure projects. In 2013, he met Brian Chan and has been working with Brian at Liferay since March 2014. Andrew is Fight NPC's web administrator, coordinating and creating content for the website.

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Bryan Cheung

Bryan is Fight NPC's font guru.

Bryan Ho

Bryan co-designed the Fight NPC logo with Yoshiki Hisamoto.

Fernando Areias

Fernando assisted Marcos Melo in filming Fight NPC's Brazilian mini-documentaries.

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Hannah Parrott

Hannah wrote all of the background music for Fight NPC's mini-documentaries.

Marcos Melo

Marcos created Fight NPC's Brazilian mini-documentaries.

Pilar Cebrian

Pilar and TheGoBetweeners filmed all of Fight NPC's Spanish mini-documentaries.

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Richard Gaffin

Richard edited all of Fight NPC's content for clarity and syntax.

Robert Frampton

Robert is Fight NPC's web programmer.

Yoshiki Hisamoto

Yoshiki co-created Fight NPC's logo with Bryan Ho and designed the website's color scheme.